Woody's Plan


Why I'm Running

I love this state and I love our people. I was born and raised in West Virginia, educated in West Virginia, raised my children in West Virginia and started my business in West Virginia. I've succeeded, and I've failed in West Virginia. But now I'm ready to give back everything I have for the state I love.

The reasons I'm running are simple. We need real leadership to turn our state around. The status quo in Charleston must change. I will follow President Trump's lead to improve our economy and fight government corruption.

The reality is our state is hurting, and it has been for far too long. We're last in too much, and we're losing population at an alarming rate. It has to stop.

We need our roads fixed. We need broadband. We need school choice. We need more and better jobs. And, most importantly, we need a full-time governor.

We also must work harder to value all life - whether that is protecting the unborn or fighting the drug epidemic that has ravaged our state. I'm a pro-life conservative who believes in the Second Amendment and I shall always protect West Virginia’s values.

West Virginians can have the American dream - doing better than the previous generation and helping our kids so they can do better than we did. This is the West Virginia I see. This is the West Virginia I want. This is the West Virginia I will fight for.

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A pathway to keeping the next generation home.

  • Number one priority is retention and creation of jobs:
    • Focus on Lower Taxes, Fewer Regulations
      • President Trump’s efforts at the federal level have been great initial moves, but we must follow his lead at the state level.
        • Lower taxes for everyone – individuals and businesses.
        • The property tax on business inventory, machinery and equipment is one example. It is an antiquated and uncompetitive tax that hurts our manufacturers and distributors. Their competitors in the vast majority of other states are not required to pay this tax. I would lead the charge to eliminate this tax.
  • Support our military and National Guard bases and protect the direct/indirect jobs and economic impact they provide to the state and local economies (be prepared for BRAC process).
  • Support growth of existing businesses and industries of all sizes.
  • Coordinate and lead local, state and federal efforts in the pursuit of new jobs and investment.
  • Support continuous improvement of workforce development. I know first hand a trained workforce is a key selling point to businesses looking to move to West Virginia.
  • Emphasize the importance of creative economy opportunities and allocate more support for our tourism efforts.
  • Work to help create a diverse job market that allows us to keep our best and brightest.
Second Amendment

Second Amendment

I’ll never waiver on protecting our Constitutional rights.

  • Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of the Second Amendment, and I do, too. The Second Amendment reigns supreme over any and all efforts from liberals to restrict our constitutional rights.
  • Support concealed carry reciprocity. Lawful concealed permit owners should be allowed to carry their firearms across state borders without fear of penalty.
  • I will not support adding new gun restrictions.
  • I Oppose “Red Flag laws” such as those passed in New York and California.
  • I support Campus Carry.
  • I will strengthen coordination and compliance related to our National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
  • I'll work to find new ways to care for the mentally ill and ensure that guns are kept out of their hands.
  • I'll ensure law enforcement has the tools and resources necessary to keep our communities safe and secure.


On day one, I’ll get to work for long-term road repairs.

  • In July 2019, I released my Sustainable Roads Plan, a pathway to truly fixing our roads and maintaining them in the future:
    • Implement the Highway Operations Core Maintenance Plans that have been in place since 2010.
    • Partner with the private sector to catch up on long-ignored maintenance projects.
    • Identify long-term, stable funding sources.
    • Ensure WVDOH employee pay is both competitive and stable relative to each region.
    • Eliminate bureaucratic roadblocks coming out of Charleston for major projects.
    • Ensure road funding is protected and never used for other state funding needs.
  • I’ve been a successful engineer for more than 30 years, and I have a solid track record of completing projects on time and under budget.
  • Good roads, strong bridges, robust utilities/water/sewer, plus excellent port/rail/air capacity and connectivity equals more and better jobs for West Virginia and a better quality of life for our residents.
  • I will work with our federal delegation and the Trump Administration to streamline the bureaucracy for federal permitting, which right now slows down needed projects and increases their costs.
  • I will work to better identify what our priorities should be for spending precious federal infrastructure dollars.


We can’t fix our economic problems without addressing our education problems.

  • School Choice
    • Kids should not be trapped in failing schools, and families deserve options when their school systems are failing them.
    • Teachers should be paid in competitive ways. We must continue to find new techniques to fairly and appropriately compensate our hard-working teachers.
  • Common Core
    • The federal government provides less than 12% of the overall funding for our public schools. We should always be allowed to develop education standards that best reflect our local needs versus standards dictated to us by bureaucrats in Washington.
    • I will never support Common Core.
  • School Safety
    • Our children must not live in fear that their school is not a safe place. Law enforcement needs the necessary resources to follow up on all leads and reports dealing with threats made to our schools, teachers or students.
  • STEM Curriculum
    • Focus on offering more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in our schools, allowing our children to be prepared for the 21st century workforce.
Woody's Plan Health Care


West Virginians must have better access to affordable health care.

  • Health care reforms for Medicaid will be more successful following certain principles:
    • Reward health care providers based on provision of value and outcomes instead of volume.
    • Increase access to information (cost and quality of providers, services and treatment) and increase transparency — quality will improve, and costs will come down.
    • Patients should have more choices in health care plans. The federal government should not dictate our health care.
  • Many rural hospitals are struggling to survive. We must work with all our hospitals to ensure adequate care is delivered in every community. I know how important a hospital is to a rural community. We must fight to keep hospital doors open across the state where we can and look at all alternative methods of care where we can’t. The relationship and experiences I’ve gained during my time as a member of the WVU Health System Board of Directors will help me expedite this process.
  • Telemedicine must be expanded and improved in West Virginia to ensure our rural residents have access to even more quality health care options.
  • Advocate to the Trump Administration to eliminate one-size-fits-all federal regulations that increase costs, so our state and local leaders can design a better Medicaid program that truly fits West Virginia’s needs.
Woody's Plan Coal Industry


I will fight to ensure the coal industry stays strong for future generations.

  • Our coal industry has been the economic foundation of our state’s economy for more than 100 years, providing tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs throughout the state.
  • The industry has been under attack from radical idealists on the left as well as extreme environmentalists. Neither group is concerned about the best interests of our people.
  • I’ll be a vocal advocate for the coal industry in Charleston, Washington and wherever the Governor’s voice is needed.
  • Our coal miners have worked hard for generations not only to provide for their families but also to provide affordable electricity for millions of Americans.
  • We must keep up with new technologies to help us use coal and its related components as efficiently as possible, as well as looking into new opportunities, such as rare earth minerals.
Woody's Plan Pro-Life, Adoptions


We must fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

  • I have always been pro-life, believing life begins at conception.
  • I am thankful our Legislature has made great strides in protecting the lives of the unborn. I will work with the Legislature to continue to protect the right to life. I support the West Virginians for Life Born Alive Survivor Protection Act of 2020.
  • We must encourage adoption and make it easier for those who wish to adopt by:
    • Working with our federal delegation to keep the federal adoption tax credit as permanent tax policy.
    • Advocating to the Trump Administration and our federal delegation to reduce the bureaucracy and barriers related to adopting a child both here and abroad.


We must have hope, but we also need a tangible plan to act now.

I released my comprehensive Drug Crisis Action Plan in mid-October because our state has deeply suffered from the drug crisis long enough.

  • Administering the plan
    • A lot of people and organizations are doing good work, but answering this drug epidemic requires a leader who will lay out a plan and coordinate actions effectively and efficiently. I will appoint work groups charged with deliverables that will target each aspect of the crisis. These groups will report directly to me.
    • I will lead cabinet meetings on substance abuse twice a week.
  • Treatment
    • We must support and encourage all paths leading to recovery, whether faith-based, peer-supported, 12-step, abstinence and/or properly monitored medication assisted treatment programs.
    • Long-term treatment beds that provide more than 90 days of treatment must be made available. The state’s heavy reliance on buprenorphine must be closely scrutinized. When paired with required behavioral therapy, it is a good tool for many people addicted to opiates. But too many people divert the cash they receive for buprenorphine to purchase other drugs. Non-opioid pain therapies must be demanded.
  • Families
    • Too many grandparents are left raising small children. The state must deploy support (respite care, transportation help, etc.) to these grandparents who are shouldering much of the responsibility.
    • A foster care crisis existed when the current administration went into office, and it has only gotten worse. I will make it a priority to help the kids and families suffering in this broken system. I will empower our state and local experts and officials to repair this system and give these kids a real chance to succeed.
  • Law enforcement
    • We must communicate and work with our local and state law enforcement. I will ensure they are a part of the solution. More local law enforcement and prosecutors need the proper resources to stop dealers. I will support federal prosecutors in their efforts to seek the death penalty in cases dealing with drug crimes that resulted in deaths.
    • Our existing, successful drug court programs need to be expanded.
  • Workforce
    • We must tailor our workforce training dollars to meet the needs of West Virginia’s future. We cannot squander these dollars to support programs providing training where no jobs exist.
    • Treatment providers and employers must work together to create programs that yield measurable results.
  • Prevention
    • This may be the hardest pillar to tackle, and it should include the widest variety of partners: schools, families and faith-based institutions.
    • We must start as early as possible in educating our youth about the dangers of drugs. Meaningful prevention must speak to children unwillingly involved in this crisis as well as those people in recovery. Every possible step must be taken to protect our future generations.


Every county and community matters.

  • Too often, our leaders show their regional biases through economic development, advancing health care options and other policy priorities.
  • I will be a conservative voice and constant advocate for all 55 counties.
  • My commitment will be to fight every day for every community.
  • Each part of this state is unique, and each part of the state has its own concerns and needs – each deserving the full support and attention of the Governor.
  • I will continually communicate with community leaders and voters in every county, so I stay aware of their needs and interests.
  • I will ensure social media and other platforms create a virtual open door for all constituents.


Remove bureaucracies so Mountaineers truly are always free and prosperous.

  • Montani Semper Liberi isn’t just a beautiful phrase. It is what we live by. In West Virginia, we understand that our lives are best lived without government interference. Be it education, health care, business or our individual lives, we need freedom.
  • Business
    • Under Obama, the federal government inserted itself into more and more areas of businesses. No matter the field (coal, agriculture, oil and gas, banking, health care, etc.) government made it harder for our businesses to expand. Under the leadership of President Trump, many of these regulations have been reversed, but there is still work to be done at the federal and state levels.
    • I will work to ensure our environment is protected and our state remains beautiful, but I also will make sure that businesses interested in moving or expanding here know that we will work with them, using common-sense practices concerning environmental protection.
  • Farming
    • The Obama Administration attempted to regulate and ruin the lives of farmers with the estate tax, a push for a minimum wage for farm workers, the Waters of the U.S. Rule, Dodd-Frank, etc.
    • Success in farming today is tough enough, and we need to lessen the governmental stress applied to our farmers. I’ll be an advocate for our farmers in Washington to reduce regulations and throughout the world to help expand our exports.
  • 10th Amendment
    • Washington should encourage states like West Virginia to be innovative – creating new ideas, policies and ways to succeed that may be unique to their state.
    • When appropriate, I will advocate to our federal delegation and the Trump Administration regarding block-granting federal appropriation dollars to support state programs, which will give state and local leaders more decision-making authority.


It’s time to move into the 21st century and solve the problems with access to real broadband for all West Virginians.

  • Broadband and cell service is just as crucial to a community's growth now as water, sewer and sidewalk projects.
  • From businesses processing credit cards or looking to go global, to students trying to compete or realizing the benefits of telehealth technologies, West Virginia is missing far too many opportunities by remaining in the stone ages when it comes to broadband technology.
  • Too many politicians in West Virginia reward friends and donors with deals and contracts at the expense of our quality of life, and I can promise you that's not how I plan to operate.
  • The answer is to facilitate more opportunities and some competition in this market. I’ve supported legislation that would facilitate matching funds for private investors to bring broadband into their communities. It's already been a huge success in Wardensville and Terra Alta.


A strong nation must have secure borders and demand the rules be followed for those who wish to become new citizens.

  • As Governor, I will oppose any West Virginia city’s attempt to become a sanctuary city that would ultimately give refuge to illegal aliens.
  • I support President Trump’s efforts to secure and control our southern border and his efforts to keep us safe. I am grateful to the President and his administration that they have made it a priority to build a wall, which is one of the most important aspects of securing our southern border.
  • We need to focus on spending our limited state resources on areas that will allow us to keep our promises to the taxpayers of West Virginia.
  • I am open to properly vetted, legal immigrants. However, our recent history shows us that too many are slipping through the cracks. Gov. Jim Justice’s recent decision to accept foreign refugees makes our state and its people less safe. West Virginia must focus on spending state money to keep our promises to our state’s taxpayers.