Why I'm Running

I love this state and I love our people. I was born and raised in West Virginia, educated in West Virginia, raised my children in West Virginia and started my business in West Virginia. I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed in West Virginia. But now I’m ready to give back everything I have for the state I love.

The reasons I’m running are simple. We need real leadership to bring jobs and we need to follow President Trump’s lead to improve our economy and fight government corruption.

The reality is our state is hurting. We’ve all heard it for far too long. We’re last in too much, and we’re losing population at an alarming rate. It has to stop.

The West Virginians I’ve worked with every day in my career - the working-class people who are the backbone of this state - need a governor who looks out for them.

I’ve learned a lot from President Donald Trump. He’s a businessman with a plan and a vision, and he’s getting things done. I’ve seen President Trump making a difference all across our country. President Trump keeps it simple - more jobs, higher wages and better roads equal making America great again. It really can be that simple.

Just as President Trump has challenged the status quo in Washington, D.C., I want to do the same thing here.

Our politicians keep letting folks down. They cower to special interests that keep our state last in so many good categories and first in all the bad ones.

We need infrastructure. We need our roads fixed. We need broadband. We need school choice. And most importantly, we need a full-time governor. I promise you, no lawsuit will be needed to force me to come to work.

I built my business by working on it 70 hours a week, and as governor I will have just one responsibility – that’s the well-being of our state and our people.

The good work of our strong, conservative, Republican Legislature to move our state forward, like bringing us right-to-work, must continue.

I’m a pro-life conservative who believes in the Second Amendment. West Virginia’s values will always be protected by me.

I know we must grow our workforce by supporting our post-secondary training programs. We need to help seniors and those with disabilities, but the days of free rides will be over in the Woody Thrasher administration.

We need someone who will work hard to earn this position. We don’t need someone who refuses to come to work; and, we certainly don’t need a liberal career politician who thinks he’s entitled to it and can’t make up his mind year after year whether or not he even wants it or which office he will run for.

West Virginia desperately needs focused, hands-on leadership – the very same kind I used to build my business. We deserve a full-time governor who is ready, willing and able, around the clock, to bring us jobs, to fix our roads and to preserve our values.

We can have better days in West Virginia. It’s time to reinvent ourselves. It’s time to realize our opportunities. And it’s time to show up for work.

West Virginians can have the American dream - doing better than the previous generation and helping your kids so they can do better than we did. This is the West Virginia that I see. This is the West Virginia that I want. This is the West Virginia I will fight for.